Blogging FAQ’s

For editing your own page…

Go to

Log in (at the very top-left corner). Select “My Blogs”/ Writing Beyond Borders/ Dashboard.

Go to Pages. (Left column, highlighted in orange)

Find your page by going to Page 2, 3, or 4.

Add text and format it similar to a Word document.

Save it to the blog by pressing “Update” (Right column).

View your page online by clicking “View Page”.

Change the text as often as you want. Just remember Publish = Save.

For Commenting or editing on Other Pages…

Log into WordPress.

Go to the weblog (
Open the page you want to comment on and scroll to the bottom.
Leave a comment in the open text box and click “Post Comment”.

This is a great option for leaving comments because it automatically inserts your name.

For more precise commenting…

Instead of leaving a comment in the open text box, you have the option to click “Edit” above (as long as you are logged in). Please refer to previous picture. Clicking “Edit” will take you into the Dashboard and allows you to change the page. Insert your text within another person’s text anywhere in the page, but be sure to mark it as your comment by noting your name, and using a different font and color.

To Add Documents, click on the “sun” button and upload media.

Then select “Insert Into Post”, and it will provide a link to download the document. You will not be able to see it though, until you click “update” and “view site” (in other words, you will not be able to download the document until viewing from the actual website, not in the Dashboard).


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